Industrial Neoprene

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Critical Coatings’ Industrial Neoprene for all your casting needs!
Four specialized formulas in natural and black.

  • CC1101 Rigid Industrial Neoprene for Dolls, Masks, Props and Crown Molding.
  • CC1102 Semi-Rigid Industrial Neoprene for Masks and Props.
  • CC1103 Flexible Industrial Neoprene for Masks and Special Effects.
  • CC1104 Super Flexible Industrial Neoprene for any cast that needs to be extra flexible.

All formulas are ready to use, Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic.  Please see our how to use page.
All Grades must be kept above freezing, if kept below 35°F it will start to freeze and will be ruined.
International shipping is available by emailing  An individual quote will be supplied.

Please note prices have been updated and we no longer offer any free shipping.

Neoprene Product Uses:

  • CC1101 RIGID NEOPRENE for Dolls and Puppets.
  • CC1102 SEMI-RIGID NEOPRENE for Masks and Set Props.
  • CC1103 FLEXIBLE NEOPRENE for Masks and Special Effects.
  • C1104 SUPER FLEXIBLE NEOPRENE for Casts that need to be extra flexible.
  • CUSTOM BLENDS can be made per Customer’s specifications.

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